Testimonial #1

From: Mrs. Arla McGee
Regarding: Laser Treatment for Buffy

“Prior to these Laser Treatments, Buffy frequently licked his paws even to the point of biting and tearing at the hairs on his paws.  This he would do especially to his rear left paw even to the extent of causing a sore to the top of his  paw.  Following the third treatment, my husband and I noticed that he wasnt doing as much licking to any of his paws and a minimal amount of chewing to the rear left paw.  Following treatments thereafter, licking and chewing has become less and less.
Just as an aside, I'm wondering if some of the licking and chewing of that rear paw especially, might be considered to be a habit; comparing it possibly, to a small child's thumb sucking.  I say this because Buffy would do this most often in the evenings when the atmosphere in the house tended to be quieter and more relaxed, and my husband and I would be sitting, either watching television or reading and Buffy would climb into his bed which is located near to where we would be sitting.
Either way, the paw licking and chewing has been considerably less since he has been receiving the laser treatments.  We thank Dr. Marks for allowing us to be part of this program.

ADDENDUM - March 6, 2013

My husband and I continue to see improvement since Buffy has been receiving his laser treatments and that being that he's doing far less  licking of his paws.  Occasionally, we still catch him starting to lick the paws, but all we have to do is say his name and most times he will stop immediately and not start again.  We were even more encouraged when yesterday, March 5th, Buffy had a grooming appointment.  I mentioned to his groomer, Cindy Seitz, that he was still receiving the laser treatments and without me saying anything more, she said, “and it’s helping isn’t it”.  I said that I guessed she had noticed and she said that she had definitely noticed the difference in his paws and that there must be far less licking of his paws.
I thought in addition to what I had previously written that you would like to know that at this point, someone else had noticed the difference since his starting the laser treatments.”

Arla McGee
(Buffy's Mom)

Testimonial #2

From: Dr. Scott K. Lozier and Maureen A. Harden-Lozier
Regarding: Laser Treatment Cameron

“We have a 14 year old Labrador Retriever who has been treated by Dr. Marks for arthritis.  Dr. Marks has been treating Cameron for the past three years using oral medication and injections.  Those medications were helping but she was still unsteady and had difficulty holding herself in position to relieve herself and also had difficulty lying down.  She would pant when ambulating die to her discomfort.  When Cameron would attempt to lie down it would end up as more of a falling to the floor.  She also awakened frequently during the night to change positions.  Stairs were very difficult and she required great assistance going both up and down the stairs.

On January 26, 2013, Dr. Marks started laser therapy to treat Cameron’s arthritis in her spine and in her hips.  To date, Cameron has had 9 treatments.  The improvement in Cameron has been significant.  After just 2 treatments Cameron was panting less.  Her ability to ambulate has improved greatly.  Her panting has decreased even more and is limited to when she has physically exerted herself beyond her normal activities.  Cameron attempts to walk up stairs on her own and with minimal assistance.  She now has the strength to bear her own weight in going up the stairs.  Most recently we have noticed that Cameron sleeps through the night and may change positions once or twice throughout the night.  She appears to be so much happier.  She has a much more erect stance at all times.  Just yesterday a neighbor came by who had owned one of Cameron’s siblings.  He was amazed at how well she was doing.  He said she looks better than the last time he had seen her which was probably about 6 months ago.  He also saod that he believes that Cameron is the only surviving dog of that litter.

We cannot that Dr. Marks enough for extending Cameron’s life and greatly improving the quality of her life.  We know without Dr. Marks’ tender loving care, compassion and expertise we likely would not have Cameron with us today.  Cameron is happy, healthier and in much less pain.  Scott and I are not the only ones who are so pleased with Cameron’s progress.  Our other dog and three cats snuggle up to Cameron all of the time and greatly appreciate the time they have with her today.

We are a very grateful family and would most highly recommend Dr. Marks and her laser therapy for any animal.  We would like to express our most sincere thanks to a wonderful person and an extremely competent and compassionate veterinarian.”

Scott and Maureen Lozier
Cameron, Chance, Sophie, Grant and Markie Lozier

Testimonial #3

From: Mrs. Macool
Regarding: Laser Treatment Dipstick

“My cat Dipstick has made a great recovery from his surgery and laser therapy.  In just 3 Laser Treatments, 90% of the redness in his mouth was gone and the ulcer on his tongue was gone.  I know he now has no pain and is feeling better because he is always purring.  Thank you Dr. Marks and all her caring staff!”

Mrs. Macool

Testimonial #4

From: Linda Shelly
Regarding: Laser Treatment Prissy

“On Friday, January 11, 2013 Prissy, my little 11 year & 10 months, 4lb poodle was diagnosed with Lumbar Spondylosis.  Her hind quarter curved around like her legs were trying to walk besides her.  Her tail was bent to the side and her hind legs were weak and getting weaker.  She was in a lot of pain.

Dr. Marks suggested laser treatments; she would require six treatments initially to be done within a two week period, this would reduce the inflamation.  With the follow-up treatments approximately once a month.  She received her first treatment that day.  It was painless, taking approximately five minutes.  The only thing Prissy was aware of is she was the center of attention and being loved on.  We went home with an anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

By Sunday I was beginning to notice some changes.  After her second treatment on Monday her hind quarters werent curving around as badly, her tail was straighter.  After the third treatment there was a huge difference.  I could go on and on, but this had been well worth it.  I cannot get over the improvements and speed in her feeling better!  I am truly impressed with the laser treatments!  Her hind quarters no longer curve around, tail wagging & straight with no weakness in her legs, and her eyes are sparkling again without pain.  I realize we will always have to be careful with her back, but she is back to her normal way of life again.  To look at her you would never know she injured her back.”

Linda Shelly & Prissy


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